Hello. I’m Sue, and I help people who are facing the unthinkable.

Everyone experiences change, and often with that change comes loss. Sometimes change is exciting, and sometimes scary, and often both. Change! That relationship you thought would last forever; the job you loved that is somehow gone; illness that either crept up or suddenly happened; a natural or man-made disaster that robs us of everything we thought was safe; and ultimately, loss of life itself.

That’s where I come in. I’m not afraid to speak the language of loss, having sat at the bedside of many people who were sick and dying, both as a member of the clergy and with my own husband. My life experiences have taught me much about resilience and how to grow more of it. Yes, professional training in social work, music, liturgy, chaplaincy, positive psychology, and coaching have taught me the theories, philosophies, techniques, practice, and science behind what I do. Yet it is my experience and connection with people over many years combined with ongoing learning that has taught me the ‘how’ and the essence of what I do, because I bring to you who I am.

I am a Cantor, author, and coach with many voices: a singing voice, a writing voice, an intuitive voice within, a compassionate and gentle speaking voice, and a voice that doesn’t make a sound, but simply listens.

I have a British accent and I love to drink tea. I never ask anyone to do anything I wouldn’t be willing to do, and I lead by example.

Life is fragile, and much as I treat it gently, I also approach it with fierce determination. I ask questions and help others to find their own answers by inspiring them with their own light.

I know the art of asking a beautiful question: Is there anything else you would like to know?

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