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  1. Jackie Ben-Efraim says:

    The cover of this slim volume should be your sign that this is a handbook that you can carry with you while visiting a loved one who is reaching the end of life’s journey. The practical tips are beautifully written. You can read each vignette individuals in the few minutes while waiting. I have my signed copy in my suitcase to have on hand when the time comes for me to say goodbye. I feel better knowing that I have Cantor Sue’s comforting advice at my fingertips.

    –Jackie Ben-Efraim

  2. Shelby says:

    This book is beautiful and full of heart. It is easy to read and well organized with practical guidance for dealing with death and grieving with love, dignity and with intention. As my mother faces stage 4 cancer, I’ve struggled with what to do, what to say, how to feel, how to act, and how to approach all kinds of situations that have arisen throughout this incredibly heavy process. This book gave me steps I could take, both practically and spiritually, to share the experience of grief, celebration of love and saying goodbye. In the midst of heartache, shock, care-giving, dealing with family and friends – how do you find a path to walk that makes any sense? Sue Deutsch lays it out. I’m so grateful for this gift, which is why I’m not only recommending it, but also encouraging gifting it to those facing the same challenges.


  3. Cantor Ida Rae Cahana says:

    The wisdom which Cantor Sue Deutsch offers in this concise guide is deep and reassuring for anyone encountering those who are dying along with their loved ones. “The Healing Hand” is a book I will keep by my side as I move through my life and my work. I am inspired by the way she used her own painful life experience for good.

    –Cantor Ida Rae Cahana

  4. Cantor David Reinwald says:

    Sue’s workshop allows participants to naturally and safely navigate the challenging, while essential discussions we face when a loved one is dying. Sue is a wise teacher drawing from her own experience and passion for helping those at these crossroads in their lives. Participants will undoubtedly walk away better equipped to face these moments with fuller understanding and preparation.

    –Cantor David Reinwald

  5. I received a copy of “The Healing Hand” by Sue herself when our paths crossed at a place where we were attending separate workshops. I read Sue’s book and found it contained understanding, compassion, and grace as Sue describes the unexpected journey she found herself on when her husband became ill. As a therapist, I have worked with clients who have lost loved ones or have a loved one who is terminally ill; Sue’s book will be recommended by me so they can begin find peace within and with their loved one. The work Sue does is an absolute gift she gives to others.

    –Cheryl Cornille

  6. Heather Ellen Miller says:

    This is a fantastic book. Got my hands on a copy on Saturday and it is chock full of impactful vignettes and stories that help define values, open discussion, and leave all who read it richer for having done so. Highly recommend!

    Rabbi Heather Ellen Miller

  7. Cecilia Starin says:

    This book has helped me navigate some very difficult situations and has been a crutch for me and my loved ones. I actually keep spare copies with me, as there seems to always be a need, as with life comes dying. I am so grateful for the knowledge held in this book!

    –Cecilia Starin

  8. Sue Deutsch says:

    I just finished reading your magnificent book and have to write you to tell you what a beautiful gift you have given the world. Your hard-earned wisdom is so real, so available, and so healing. I could almost hear your soothing voice speaking the words. I know that people will gain both insight and comfort from the wisdom you offer. Thanks for making it real!

    – Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson

  9. Cecilia Starin says:

    I keep a copy in my car. So often a person in my life finds themselves with a terminally ill loved one and feeling alone. So this book is a resource for me, I flip through the pages and refresh my understanding of how to navigate the important conversations or I gift the book on.
    Cantor Sue’s book is an easy read and packs a punch. This book shows that in dying we can still have powerful transformative conversations. The stories add depth and insight into the five conversations- thank you, please forgive me, I forgive you, I love you and goodbye. I’m so thankful for this book.

    Cecilia Starin

  10. Cantor Penny Myers says:

    Hazzan Deutsch’s book is a must-read for those not only clergy but for lay people as well. Often a pastoral visit does not go as expected and the presence of mind and accessibility is often blurred by the unexpected situation. Hazzan Sue provides a myriad of examples of how we can connect with one another in the most meaningful , natural ways. In this ever evolving world of technology and instant computerized accessibility , the face to face, touch to touch human experience is becoming less practiced but yet more than ever needed. I keep this book in my office and refer it out to those who are faced with difficult situations not only for end of life, but also as a tool for communication as it is wonderfully geared to be read by all.

    Cantor Penny Myers

  11. As a Geriatric Social Worker and Strategic Intervention coach I am amazed and appreciative of the depth of Sue’s message in The Healing Hand. I heard about the book online, and immediately ordered it. I deal with aging, caregiving and end of life concerns with many of my clients and this book has such authenticity and clarity. End of life is a time when even the most eloquent of us are stuck…”what to say, how to say it??” The Healing Hand gives us a gift at a most crucial time in our relationship with a loved one.

    Thank you Sue for sharing your wisdom. I will recommend this to my clients, friends and family who are facing a loved one’s decline. Wait a minute…we are ALL facing our own or loved one’s decline at some point, so I correct my last statement. I will recommend this to all my clients, friends and family.

    –Sylvia Nissenboim

  12. admin says:

    Sue Knight Deutsch, a cantor – a Jewish spiritual leader – has written this wonderfully helpful book from her own experience and deep love for people and God. The issue here is and how we can most deeply and with meaning help those at life’s ending as well as ourselves. This is a tribute to her late husband, Michael, and the many people whose lives have touched her. She is “in turn paying it forward to others both in my professional and personal life…” Sue has touched many lives with compassion and love and this book will serve to reach myriads of others. I find it hard to put down and is a book I know I will be revisiting many times.

    – Cantor Jaclyn Chernett

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