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Remember your smile offers hope.
–Sue Deutsch

THE HEALING HAND: Being Present for The Dying and the Living

1560738_10202003773909400_134303830_nPencil Smile – The importance of facial expression

  • Smiling will rewire your brain to think positively. How to smile when you don’t feel like it.

Singer As Healer – Who you are and why you are here

  • You are a facilitator of healing, not just a singer. You have a voice to transmit the universal language of music and intuition

Parking Yourself at the Door – Being present, preparing to go into a hospital room

  • Breathing techniques
  • Centering/letting go
  • Connecting to Source

Connecting with the Patient and Family – How to

  • Assessing the dynamics
  • Physical and spiritual space
  • To touch or not to touch – use of hands
  • Voice – musical repertoire and prayer

Introducing the 5 discussions – Communicating positive actions

  • Making suggestions to the patient and family; taking yourself out of the equation in order to facilitate communication and healing
  • See excerpt from “The Healing Hand” for list of 5 discussions

Closure before you leave the hospital room

  • Be aware of boundaries
  • How may the patient and or family contact you?
  • How will you follow up?
  • Leave on a positive note, remember your smile offers hope.

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